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About me and my blog

Hello people

Thanks for taking efforts to read this.

Through this blog I intend to share with you stories about my career as a diplomat – various people I meet, delegation I represent, negotiations I indulge in, opinion I have on various issues around the world and a whole lot of other jibber jabber.

However I am not a diplomat, yet. So this blog will also feature stories from my journey of getting there.

I intend to speak my mind and hence the articles I write here will be my personal opinion. Blog here may also feature some of the thoughts which are from the deep and dark parts of my mind.

I will prefer to keep my identity including my country to myself. I would like you all to respect that.

I am a rookie to the blogging world, so go easy on me. I promise to improve with time. Suggestions/criticisms/requests/opinions are all welcome.

So keep watching this space!

– Diplomat (soon to be).


Test blog

This is a test blog to see if everything is fine…